About Us

Creative and Experienced Painters

Dorival and Roger had this dream to work in an environment that provides health happiness and serious professionalism. The Blues Brothers Painters was founded on this dream and we keep in pursuit of this excellence. 

This is what we are

We are painters united by believes and values, deeply committed to provide the best of us, respecting the environment of your home and business. We are different.

Satisfaction and guarantee

Working with you around your schedule and coordinating our crew to ensure and exceed the results you've wished for. We guarantee our craftsmanship and the top notch materials we use for up to two years.

Our Team



With 16 years in the trade, I am proud to lead our team. When I'm not making your house look great, is probably Sunday and I'm playing soccer and enjoying fishing.



I am privileged to be the on-site lead. I pride myself on our attention to detail and having a chained crew. My loves other than crafting is learning.



"All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind." Bob Ross 


I started as a painter but found myself into carpentry, that's my thing! 

Despite of all hard work I do during the week, I still find stamina to play with my son Julio as much as he can handle :)